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Tomomi Imura

An Open Web advocate and front-end engineer, who loves everything mobile, and writes about HTML5, CSS, JS, UX, tech events, gadgets, etc. She unintentionally got 15min of fame by creating The HTTP Status Cats. Also, the opinions expressed here are solely her own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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Doodles from Microsoft Beginners Series

My sketchnotes from Web Dev for Beginners and ML for Beginners by Microsoft

Support Web Monetization and HODL! — How to receive micropayment in $BTC (or $Ɖoge) on your website

Web Monetization is a web platform API that allows websites to request micropayments from users facilitated by the browser

Spread Syntax "Three-dots" Tricks You Can Use Now

Want to consume more syntactic sugar to energize your code? I'll share 6 tricks with the spread syntax that you can use now!

Reiwa - JavaScript International Date Format and Japan's New Imperial Era

The reign of the next emperor in Japan means you need to know about JavaScript international date and time format!

Notes from Presenting Data & Information course by Edward Tufte

My sketchnotes from Presenting Data & Information course by Edward Tufte about fundamental design strategies for information displays

Notes from The State of Web Platform

My sketchnotes from The state of Chrome and the Web Platform by Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer at Chrome Dev Summit

GIT PURR! Git Commands Explained with Cats!

git purr, git meowge, and git puss! My doodling on basic git commands, and difference between merge and rebase with cats!

Filterous 2 Photo Manipulation Library is Released!

an open-source Instagram-like image manipulation library for Javascript and node.js

Creating a Simple Facebook Messenger AI Bot with in Node.js

My tutorial on how to build a Facebook Messenger bot

Creating a Slack Command Bot from Scratch with Node.js & Distribute It

My tutorial on how to build a Slack slash command and Slack OAuth