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Meet Fennec, a little brother of Firefox

Here comes Fennec!!! (Release note)

It’s been a whole year since Firefox first announced that they were developing for their mobile version, after the not-so-successful Minimo for WinMo, and they finally released this public alpha for Nokia N810, whose default built-in browser is already Mozilla-based MicroB.

Unfortunately neither I or my beloved DeviceAnywhere has N810 device, so I tried the one for Mac OS.
Because this is for N810 WVGA screen, so the browser window is set 800×480 pixel, and support touch screen (so you need flick the screen to navigate). I am wondering how comfortable with the UI on other smaller screen devices, or how non-touch screen UI would look like. (Or are they even planning to support one?)

Anyway, I was playing around and tested some pages quickly:

Fennec Alpha Fennec Alpha
(left) Startup screen, and (right) Yahoo! search.

Fennec Alpha Acid3 Test on Fennec
(L) My twitter home page. Editting was a bit pain because I don’t see a cursor on this emulator. (R) Run Acid3 test. 90/100 is good (better than iPhone Safari but doesn’t beat the latest Webkit which gets perfect score).

Fennec Alpha Fennec Alpha
(L) iCuteOverload. Looks like it supports iUI nicely. I need to take out the “-webkit” prefix to see if border-image works on Fennec. (R) Some tests on event – not seems to support (both results “true” on iPhone Safari)

Anyway, overall I think this is pretty sweet. I am excite to see the battle among Webkit – Apple vs. Google, and vs. Mozilla.Also, if you are lucky enough own N810, try install it on your device!

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