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Finally, the official Mojo SDK for all!

After I was rejected for the early access then struggled with the “leaked” version of Palm Mojo SDK without a documentation, today Palm finally made the official SDK available for all!!!

I haven’t playing around with it long enough to blog much about it, so I just post my “cheat sheet” that I keep on Stickies.

Emulator Key for Mac

  • Esc – acts as “Back”
  • Left / Right arrows – Switch between applications

Emulator Navigation

“Host” = Right Ctrl in Virtual Box

  • Host + F – Toggle full screen view on/off
  • Host + N – Display session info
  • Host + S – Take a snapshot (will be placed the Snapshot tab of VirtualBox)
  • Host + Q – Close the emulator </ul>


Create a package (.ipk file)

$ cd palm-package myapp

Install the .ipk file on emulator

$ palm-install

Launch the app on emulator

$ palm-launch

Launch the inspector with the app

$ palm-launch -i

Then, open Palm Inspector app (comes with SDK) from your Application by double-clicking the icon. This should open the Safari inspector.

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