HTTP Status Cats for Slack

Wanna quickly look up a definition of http status code on Slack? Once installed it in your Slack team, simply type /httpstatus slash command followed by a status code (e.g. 404). HTTP Status Cats bot responds you with a short description of each status code with the HTTP Status Cats picture. 🐱

Install it on Your Slack Team

Setting up HTTP Status Cats in Slack is simple. Just click the button to log in to your Slack account and choose a team!

Add to Slack

Once you install the bot, you should be able to use the slash command on your team chat room. Just type /httpstatus followed by a status code.

About HTTP Status Cats

Internet is made of cats, so why not HTTP Status codes, explained with cats?

Originally, HTTP Status Cats was created by yours truly in 2011! It is best described on Know Your Meme.

Later, HTTP Status Cats API was created and landed on its domain, by Rogério Vicente. HTTP Status Cats was featured on tech news and blogs globally, including Mashables, CNN Tech, BuzzFeed, etc. and Boing Boing stated I "just won the internet".