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So it’s not a secret anymore -HP TouchPad

Jon Rubinstein

So, this is what has been keeping me busy (not blogging) these days. Announcing HP TouchPad! I have been working as a part of the development team for the secret weapon, which was just announced at the HP’s press event at Fort Mason, San Francisco on Feb. 9th, for a while (especially hardware development take a lot longer than software!). Literally, my heart was beating during the live demo but when the crowd applauded, I felt great and so relieved.

At the evening’s developer event after the press event, we have announced the new and better JavaScript framework, Enyo. I probably write up something on HP/Palm’s developer blog later (yes, the site still has the Palm brand!), so stay tuned if you’re interested developing for webOS!

The photo is by HP Startup Central, on Flickr

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