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Classification of Mobile Browsers

Today, I am not going to post some CSS3 tricks on Webkit, or stuff like that. Instead, I post a list mobile browsers, since I am often asked about mobile / WAP browsers by engineers, product managers, and mobile-curious or mobile-newbie people. I gathered 30+ major browsers I have worked with (plus a few I have never even seen), and categorize by the markup that browsers can render – WML, CHTML, XHTML-MP, and HTML4.

So, here you go. If you find some mistakes, let me know!

WML Browsers (WAP 1.x)
Openwave earliy browsers 4.x  
Early Nokia browser  
Early Obigo browser  
CHTML Browsers (Common in Japan)
CHTML browsers Compact-HTML browsers
Compact NetFront
i-mode browsers (CHTML / XHTML) NTT Docomo
XHTML Browsers (WAP 2.x – XHTML-MP / WML)
WebKit Nokia S40
Nokia S60 – earlier versions, or “Services” browser
NetFront by Access Palm Blazer 3.x -
Sony Ericsson WAP browser
Blazer by Handspring original browsers before accured by Palm
Openwave 6.x Siemens
Blackberry by RIM Blackberry browser- earlier version ~4.3? (*)
Obigo by Teleca
Polaris by InfraWare
Motorola MIB
HTML Browsers
WebKit Nokia S60 3rd gen., “Web” Mini-map browser
Apple Mobile Safari
Google Android
Palm WebOS
Iris, by Torch Mobile (now RIM)
Bitstream Bolt (Proxy)
MOTOMAGX (Motorola Linux devices)
Gecko Mozilla Minimo (dead?)
Mozilla Fennec
Maemo (aka MicroB)
Opera (proxy) Opera Mobile
Opera Mini
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo Wii
Blackberry by RIM Blackberry browser ver.4.6+ (I am not sure about 4.4 and 4.5)
Microsoft Internet Explorer (was Microsoft Pocket IE) (earlier versions do not support CSS?)
NetFront 3.x ? Sony Ericsson browsers
Sony PlayStation / PSP browsers
Palm Blazer 4.x
Amazon Kindle
Teleca Teleca Browser V3.x ? (LG Voyager)
Danger (now by Microsoft) Sidekick

I have categorized only with the markup type, and did not sub-categorize these browsers. However, if I would, I may want to grade XHTML-MP devices with page memory size (=”deck size”, yes I said deck size), and screen resolution for UI design purpose.

To grade full-HTML browsers, you need to spend massive time and effort on testing rendering capability with CSS, and Javascript DOM compatibility, events, etc. Actually, PPK has done excellent work on mobile browser testing, so you can simply visit!

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