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Tried Fennec Milestone Release for Windows Mobile

Last week, Mozilla has released the early version of Firefox Mobile, “Fennec” for Windows Mobile (pre-alpha).
Just like the earlier release was only for VGA Nokia devices like N800, this WinMo-release targets only one device, HTC Touch Pro.

Unfortunately I could not borrow an actual HTC “Fuze” (AT&T version of Touch Pro), so I tested via DeviceAnywhere service.

Just typed in the Mozilla’s ftp address directly on PIE (I have no reasons why I didn’t use the default Opera Mobile), downloading and installing was fine (Pic.1).
I got a pretty Fennec icon on screen. Nice. But I hope Mozilla will make it less jaggy for the next release. (Pic.2)
Clicked the icon and wait, wait, wait… pretty slow. When I almost lost my patience, the browser finally launched… its title bar. Let’s wait for more. -nothing happened.
Quit and relaunched. – the same result.
Re-installed. – the same result. (Pic.3)

1 of 3 - Fennec 'Milestone Release' for HTC Touch Pro
Pic.1 – Installing Fennec
2 of 3 - Fennec 'Milestone Release' for HTC Touch Pro
Pic.2 – Fennec icon
3 of 3 - Fennec 'Milestone Release' for HTC Touch Pro
Pic.3 – WTF

Conclusion: Somebody please help me. I can’t make it work!!!

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